Daddy's little coder can program so well

He knows that a website starts with <html>

In the <head> of the webpage the <title> tag sits

And Daddy's Little Coder picks a </title> that fits

The last line is typed and the </head> is complete

He formats his code to make it look neat

We've come to the <body>, he's having such fun

He boldy exclaims with the help of <h1>

I love my Daddy! Inside </h1> is contained

He starts a new <p>aragraph and begins to explain

I made this website and my Daddy's so proud

He finishes his </p>ost while laughing out loud

With the </body> all done you clearly can tell

That Daddy's little coder knows </html>

Daddy's Little Coder

Mommy's Little Coder

Wormhole Web Works