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New Project - Kinney Nursery & Topsoil

Posted by Howard Phillips | General

Allow me to introduce our latest client, Kinney Nursery & Topsoil. Kinney Nursery is a family owned business located in Vina, California and specializes in providing bulk soil and amendments at great prices. We were recently contacted by Kinney Nursery and tasked with the job of giving the webpage design a bit of a facelift. We are also working closely with Kinney Nursery on SEO strategy and website marketing with our monthly SEO Starship Package. Along with the updated web design we will also be developing the ecommerce functionality for online sale with a catalog of over 400 products. Landscapers, farmers, gardeners, and homeowners alike will love Kinney Nursery’s large variety of bagged potting soil and will receive expert advice on which bagged soil will be the right one for the job. We are also helping Kinney Nursery enhance their fantastic project calculator which helps you estimate how many cubic yards of soil or bark you will need to cover a specific area. With just a few bits of data your project is calculated for you at the push of a button. A good design for online sales isn’t just about good looks. We will be enhancing the user experience by creating an easy to navigate catalog to increase the number of customers making it from the homepage to checkout. While browsing Kinney Nursery’s extensive inventory don’t forget to check out their cloning supplies for use in protecting the genetics of your cherished mother plant.

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